Jeg er superfornøyd med å få Liz Wolfe i tale på bloggen min! Liz er bloggeren bak Real Food Liz og er forfatter av bestselgerboken Eat the yolks, en bok jeg anbefaler på det varmeste. Hun og makker Diane Sanfilippo, damen bak boken Pracical paleo, som  jeg også anbefaler på det varmeste, har podcasten Balanced Bites som jeg er en ivrig lytter av. Begge damene inspirerer meg veldig.

I tillegg til Eat the yolks, har Liz også skrevet Skintervention Guide. Lyst på fin hud på naturlig vis? Les denne. Hint: spis skikkelig mat.

Vel, vel. Over til en liten prat med godeste Liz:

I find that your book has a slightly different angle than other paleo books that I have read. You focus more on myths and how they might be completely wrong. Could you tell me about why you chose that angle?

I thought it was under-covered (or, at least, under-distributed) in the Paleo community! And since this kind of information was always what fascinated me most, it naturally came together in the book. While many people are prepared to say: ok, this Paleo thing APPEARS to work – people lose weight, they feel great, and they want to talk about it – but are they REALLY not going to die of heart disease? Are they REALLY not going to get cancer from all the animal products? Why would we have been told those scary things for so long if they weren’t actually true? I wanted to answer the question how could this have happened?

There are several amazing people doing the “heavy lifting” when it comes to the truth about nutrition – like Dr. Chris Masterjohn, for example, who has not only focused on the science of nutrition, but also on the history behind it, and I cited him often in Eat the Yolks. It’s not that this information about the myths we’ve been told, where they came from, and how they became institutionalized dogma hasn’t been floating around out there. It’s that it hasn’t all been collected in a book alongside lots of goofy movie quotes and dated pop culture references.

I really love your down to earth view on nutrition. Could you summarize your view (and hence your book) in a short paragraph/few sentences?

I think the best possible way to answer this is with the “Nutrition in 100 words” shareable that also appears at the end of Eat the Yolks. I created it in partnership with Steve’s PaleoGoods, a company I support because their proceeds support Steve’s Club National Program, a non-profit that provides fitness training, nutrition guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth. Here’s a link to the shareable through my recipe website Good Food for Bad Cooks – everyone is welcome to download, print and share it!

You are the queen of popular culture while I know almost nothing (except from a few Seinfeld-episodes). Because of my lack of knowledge in popular culture, I only noticed one reference in the whole book (let’s talk about …). Sad, but true. What is your favourite quote/reference, and why?

Well, I must say that while I consider the references in my book to be “pop culture,” it’s probably more of our grandparents’ pop culture with a bit of the ‘90’s mixed in! I’m a bit of an old lady at heart and my taste in entertainment has always been questionable. Funny enough, my publisher told me that his mom took my book into her room and didn’t come out until she’d finished it – and she could be heard laughing loudly the whole time! I LOVED how many times I was able to work in references from The Princess Bride, and I was also excited to throw in a reference to that middle school classic movie Empire Records (damn the man, save the bacon drippings). My greatest sorrow is that I wasn’t able to work in an Andy Griffith reference. Truly a huge regret.

I’d also like if you can give my readers a background about yourself, your projects, book and pdf’s.

I’m here to help people get healthy, happy, and fall in love with their lives. I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™) certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. I started, as I talk about in my book, just wanting to change my own life and get out of the diet-be miserable-repeat cycle that I’d repeated for at least a decade, and from there, I became passionate about letting others know about this transformative information. Luckily, I’m a decent writer, so putting together 80,000 words on the topic was a real treat. I’ve also got other projects out the wazoo – my Skintervention Guide is a rundown on how I healed my acne and eczema through real food, digestive support and smart topical care; and my Good Food for Bad Cooks site is an online community dedicated to giving easy, real food recipes, shopping lists, nutrition knowledge and support to our members. I also do three FREE podcasts – the Balanced Bites Podcast, Modern Farm Girls, and Real Food Liz Radio, all available on iTunes. You can find it all on my website,, along with tons of posts on nutrition, natural skincare, and beyond.

Det var det! Jeg elsker setningen: sunne, glade og bli forelsket i eget liv. Word!

PS: Jeg hadde planer om å skrive mer dyptpløyende om Eat the yolks før dette innlegget, men i flyttingen har boken lagt seg på et veldig lurt sted som jeg ikke finner. Men kunne jo ikke vente med å poste intervjuet av den grunn!

Motta nyhetsbrev?

En gang i uken sender jeg klem og pepp til din digitale postkasse slik at både din og min uke blir litt bedre. Mitt mål er å gi deg kunnskap og verktøy slik at du kan ha det bra og levere på topp der du ønsker å skinne!